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CAZ came about as a result of wanting a workout experience that had the capability of impacting the health of others. After attending college together, Connor, Anthony, and Zac went their separate ways post-grad. Connor worked in corporate finance, Anthony worked in banking, and Zac worked for the founder of Kinko’s in Santa Barbara. The three boys, all passionate about fitness, decided to explore starting a business within the industry.

Alarmed by exploding obesity rates and related health care costs of $480 billion in 2016, that’s $1,420 for every American! (Washington Post 2018), giving back to health-focused charities while giving people a place to impact their own health seemed to be the logical solution. With a purpose-driven company in mind, Connor, Anthony, and Zac set out to create an energy-filled workout experience. After a year of working on the idea and building out the space, CAZ came to life!


We believe that everything comes full circle. Every drop of sweat. Every rep. Every step matters. The more we sweat the more we give.

Life is short. So let’s honor our bodies and do some good in this world. We take care of those around us. We take action and move with intention. We show up. It’s about me, it’s about we, it’s about having a damn good time.

let’s sweat, Let’s give back, let’s get after it.