Before Class

First Timers

First things first – let’s get checked in
Hit the front desk, grab a water + a heart rate monitor. Don’t have a monitor? Don’t worry, we got one with your name on it for your first time.

Intro Offers

Next, prep time
Drop your goods in a locker or locker room and get ready. Put on that workout swag, tie those shoes tight, do what you gotta do, and grab that H2O.

Doors open!
When that door opens and that music starts, step on in. Find your starting spot, stretch what ya gotta stretch, and soon your instructor will get ya going.

During Class

First Timers

Sweat it out
Put in that work and embrace the grind for 45 minutes of letting loose, sweating it out, and giving back. Your instructor will pump you up and guide you through every station of the workout.

Post Class

First Timers

Just like that, you’re done, it’s over, you made it! Grab a cold towel, hit the showers, and you’re ready to crush the rest of your day.

Count It
All your hard work and sweat is tracked towards our club wide calorie burn goal. With every workout completed, we get closer to helping our CAZ 😉 of the month. Check out our giveback here

Newport Beach, are you ready for this?

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